The Industry’s Thinnest, Smallest Ultra-Low Profile High Performance MIMO Low PIM 698-960 MHz / 1350-4000 MHz Ceiling Mount Wide Band Antenna.

CFD69383P –  CFD69383P1   Features / Benefits 
• Dual port (2) MIMO wideband capability: 698-960 MHz / 1350-4000 MHz.
• Supports AWS-3, WCS & CBRS 3.5 GHz bands.
• Ultra-thin sphere form factor blends extremely well into ceiling panels maintaining building design aesthetics.
• Flexible mounting: CFD69383P mounts directly to ceiling tile or hard ceiling mount the CFD69383P1 model.
• Models are available with either 30NF or 30D43F connector configuration.
• Best in class measured VSWR minimizes reflected power & ensures maximum signal radiation.
• Superior Low PIM performance minimizes interference and improves in-building  coverage & reliability.
• Industry leading five (5) year warranty and market driven competitive pricing.


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