Help with product development challenges — reliably.

Help with product development challenges — reliably.

We are here for you

Support in product design saves time

Together we can resolve the challenges in selecting and obtaining electronic components.
Contact us right from the start in concepting or early R&D phase. Together we can ensure the total price and quality of the product meets your targets.
Our broad experience and expertise in electronic components are at your disposal. If needed, we can also invite the factory representative to attend a meeting and help find a solution.
Elias Länsiö . account manager

Shall we make a customized component for you?

Benefit from our competitive prices and extensive factory warranty.
We are your direct link between the component factory and your designing team. If a standard part is not an optimal solution for your need, we can customize and optimize components to meet your requirements.
The advantages of factory customization include lower production costs and an extensive factory warranty. When changes are made to the components at the factory, each production lot is traceable and covered by an extensive factory warranty, making in-factory changes worth the investment.

A reliable and flexible partner in purchases

The reliability throughout the entire supply chain is essential for Q-Flex. We have received positive feedback from customers who appreciate on-time deliveries.
We operate in our customers’ data systems and work to support the customer’s needs flexibly. Our extensive product range includes components in different price ranges, and we have multiple options for different needs.
Our stocking services help our customers to get their components into production on time.
Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can best serve your production.

Interested in working with us? Here’s how to do it:

Call us or send us an email
Let’s discuss the ways we can help you best
Depending on your needs, we will guide you selecting the optimal solutions, provide drawings, 3D models and technical data beyond standard datasheets. We are happy to organize a meeting to discuss more about your project requirements in details and to show you the actual product and material samples.

Have a look at our high-quality products

Our selected partners are top experts in their field and known all over the world.

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