Say hello to efficiency – Alutronic’s new Heat Sink Finder is here

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Alutronic presents their new search engine, Heat Sink Finder. Their tool revolutionizes the process of selecting the ideal heat sink, saving time and finding the best solution safely.


The Heat Sink Finder searches and calculates all thermal performance diagrams of Alutronic’s standard heat sink profiles and makes it easy to narrow down and sort the search results according to their most important criteria.

One of the key highlights of the Heat Sink Finder is its ability to incorporate thermal performance values directly into the search criteria. This means that users can now search for the perfect heat sink not just by physical dimensions, but also by thermal metrics such as profile length, thermal resistance of the heat sink and power loss of the electronic system.

We at Q-Flex are committed to providing our clients solutions that enhance efficiency and performance. Alutronic Heat Sink Finder offers fast and effective way to find the right standard heat sink.


Take a look at the Heat Sink Finder